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October 24, 2007

The motor blew. Yes, I’m using the hammer. Fine tuning.

This morning Ilira comes over and says that the motor on the glue machine blew. “How do you know it blew?” I asked, “Because it started smoking and then stopped working altogether.”, “Oh…”.

This is one of the glue machines we use to wrap our book covers with silk and cotton fabrics. We have four of them, including a dead one that we cannibalize for parts. If you use these machines you know they pretty much last forever, and rarely break down, but when they do, it’s a project to get them clean and up and running again.

We had one tip over recently - yeah, really, hot glue all over the floor! - and the pinion gear stud [part # Z1296A] was bent and had to be replaced. We used the pinion from the dead machine which fit perfectly.

If you use glue machines and have the chance to buy one of these, even if it’s dead, do it, if only for the parts. The next time you’re at an auction, and you can pick on up for next to nothing, they’re worth it. Pot Devin in New Jersey has very few parts left for these old machines.

We bought the first machine, a 12″ Pot Devin, from a bookbinder in Woodstock, Connecticut. That was in 1990 or so, and the machine still works great. We purchased the second one from American Graphic Arts, they used to refurbish and sell old bookbinding equipment. I spoke to them recently, and they now sell new equipment. The others we picked up here and there, at auctions and from other bookbinders.

We’ve passed them up at auctions, but never again. There were a couple going for as little as ten bucks or so at the auction where we purchased our Smyth Sewer. I kick myself for not taking at least one.

No specialized tools, fortunately

Re-attaching the motor assembly

As good as new!

Patty is happy!

Visit Pot Devin
Visit American Graphic Arts

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