Fore-edge Painting

May 2, 2007


This clip is from Martin Frost’s website, the British master of fore-edge painting today. Since he began in the 1970’s, Martin has painted more than 3000 fore-edge paintings. You can see from the video what a fore-edge painting is, but here is Wiki to explain it in more detail:

A fore-edge painting is a scene painted on the edges of the pages of a book such that the painting is not visible when the book is closed. In order to view the painting, the leaves of the book must be fanned, exposing the edges of the pages and thereby the painting. Generally, gilt or marbling will be applied by the bookbinder after the painting has dried so as to make the painting completely invisible when the book is closed.

What I love most about these are that they are hidden in plain view. I have seen only a few artists attempt fore-edge painting on book art, due to the fact that it is difficult to acheive. Does anyone have examples of book art fore-edge painting to share?

Visit www.foredgefrost.co.uk

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