Boston Paper Show

May 1, 2007

Gallery Exhibit
The art of Folding: Paper relief by Nishimura Yuko
May 5th - May 27th, 2007
Opening Reception: May 5th, 3pm - 6pm

Keiko Gallery
121 Charles Street
Boston, MA
617 725 2888

These are folded paper creations - which make me a little dizzy. Tokyo artist Nishimura Yuko graduated from the Architectural Design program of Nihon University in Tokyo where she received an award for her first folded paper relief, and in 2006 she graduated from the Master’s Program in Design from the Department of Art at Tsukuba University. There is definitely an architectural touch to her work which has been used for advertising, notably as backgrounds for photo shoots. You can see more at the gallery website.

Gallery: keikogallery.com
More at: www.photocabi.net

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