Renee Pearson

October 15, 2006

Jason Thompson & Renee Pearson

I spent some time with the lovely Renee Pearson at the Simple Scrapbooks booth, promoting the launch of the new “Digital Scrapbooking” magazine. Renee is the author of “Digital Designs for Scrapbooking”, an instructional how-to book that not only contains written instructions on how to “assemble” digital pages, but also a CD-ROM with digital elements and templates so you can follow along with the lessons on your computer. Renee presented the seminar “Brave New Digital World” at the conference, offering education and ideas to incorporate digital scrapbooking with traditional paper scrapbook techniques. Renee presented similar demonstrations at the recent Scrapbooking Convention in South Africa (she has pictures from the South Africa event on her blog)

As paper fans, we understand that the paper element in any creative book project - journalling, scrapbooking, creating an album, etc - is an important part of the process. It’s what gets us Rag & Bone folks excited about books! However, we’re in the “Brave New Digital World” with digital cameras and computers. The success of our Digital Photo Album has shown us this, and we’re ready to embrace the new digital + paper world.

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