Kate MccGwire

July 27, 2010

Kate MccGwire is a collector
Ilira and I have noticed a common thread to much of the art I post on the blog, it often is related to collecting. It seems if you have one of something, it’s something. If you have lots of something, it can be art. Lots of feathers, book pages, paper, pennies, styrofoam cups, pencils - I’ve featured many posts featuring lots of ’something’. What is is that draws artists to collecting and collections? Do we all have a little bit of asperger’s? or OCD? Or do we see beauty in the everyday, especially when we can repeat the every day object over and over and over? Whatever the source of this interest is, I’m forever drawn to complex arrangements of multiple objects.

I haven’t seen feathers as medium much, so this is new to me. Where does one attain so many feathers? I really like the pieces which are stamped with text. Very unique. Artist Kate MccGwire says:

Intrinsic to her method is the collecting and sorting of materials from hundreds of different sources over a period of months, even years. In turn, pieces evolve intuitively as if out of the subconscious, the language evocative rather than purely illustrative. As the work takes shape, a new, playful reality emerges, so that the object itself becomes a sort of prism, refracting the layers of meaning and cultural associations buried within, the quantity of materials used sometimes deliberately overwhelming, as if charged with a power and ambition beyond the reach they possess when seen in isolation.

Visit www.katemccgwire.com

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