Lyndie Dourthe

July 2, 2008

French artist Lyndie Dourthe works with textiles, paper and wax to create unusual three-dimensional dioramas enclosed in glass. Her little terrarium creations are charming and full of life. I came across her work via Egg and she’s featured this month in Australia’s Vogue Living.

There is an otherworldly feeling to her work - Faeries, dark forests and Victorian age garden parties. What do you guys think? Could you see her work displayed on a modern style side table? I think with the re-emergence of the handmade esthetic that work such as this, which shows an artists hand and personal vision, coordinates nicely with today’s simple, modern lines. We need more art in our lives - personally, I mean, in my own home. There is so much beautiful work out in the world I wish I could visit everyone’s artist studio just for the inspiration.

Visit Lyndie’s website for more inspiring images.

Visit Lyndie Dourthe
Buy at Egg

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  1. Hi!
    Your blog is so lovely…I followed you over from decor8 and loved your post there. I adore this artist and wish I could find more of her things for sale in the US…

    Comment by Melissa de la Fuente — August 18, 2008 @ 10:24 am

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