Mark Langan

October 22, 2008

Ohio artist Mark Langan finds art and beauty in the repetitive corrugations of shipping box cardboard and turns this simple material into three-dimensional, framed art. We’ve profiled cardboard art before, see here, here, here and here. Mark finds his own take on cardboard-as-medium with his topographic, layered floral and abstract constructions. The corrugated cardboard seems to move and flow within the frames. I like the way the pieces retain their cardboardness without appearing flimsy or anything like shipping boxes anymore.

The corrugated lends itself well to patterns. When viewed from different angles and lighting, the piece changes.

Another great way to recycle corrugated boxes! You can see more of Marks art at www.langanart.com. There are more galleries in addition to the cardboard art - Mark is a self taught artist who is a talented woodworker, painter, illustrator and all around creative guy.

Visit www.langanart.com
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