Toodle Pip Studios

April 15, 2008

New Etsy seller Nicole & her Toodle Pip Studios is premiering intricate paper collages at her Etsy store. They have little lights and plastic toys & figures inside which bring them to life. I love the retro-modern feel to them. Each is lightweight, three-dimensional and available to purchase now.

But Nicole is also dropping some inspiration on us too:

Looking back at the art I made when I was a little girl, it is very clear to me that I haven’t changed a bit. I am that same happy, free spirit making art out of objects, putting lots of color into my work, and collecting and building things. I try to view the world with as much wonder and amazement as I did when I was a child. Life is short - be open-minded, stay genuine and nurture that child within! It’s a magical thing when you make art your whole life, when the urge to create is bigger than you are and you just let it come out when it wants to. I feel very fortunate to have a creative mind that constantly keeps me re-inventing my own wacky reality!

Creative and inspiring. Thanks!

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