Virginia Fleck

March 16, 2009

Art from plastic bags.
Now that we’ve been trained to bring our own bags to the grocery store, we don’t get as many one-use bags as we used to, but here’s a great way to create art from those bags if you have them. {I wonder if Whole Foods would let you snag a few from their recycled-plastic-bag bin they have by the door.

Virginia Fleck cuts up bags and uses elements of their prints to create these colorful “mandalas”. Look closely and you can see branding logos in amongst the shapes. She says they’re made with plastic bags and tape. Could you do that? Pretty cool. Her work is rooted in the craft of American quilting and is layered in color as well as meaning.

This last image is from the headquarters for Whole Foods. I think it’s great that they would commission artwork made from use plastic bags.

Visit Virginia Fleck online
Via design-crisis.com

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